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Distance: 3 km Duration: 8 hours

Itinerary description


This itinerary is designed to allow you and your children to explore the places of Christianity such as St Peter's Basilica, and discover the great works of the world's most famous artists, the history of the church and the Popes and many other interesting things.


It is absolutely recommended that you walk from one place to another since all the locations are museums or churches.

Time Required:

It takes about  8 hours to visit the sites mentioned, depending on the amount of time you decide to spend at each site.

To get to Vatican City take the subway line A and stop at "Ottaviano". Walk down the main street, Via Ottaviano, straight into St Peter's Square, the big square designed by Bernini. Here you can take some pictures outside the seat of Christianity in the massive square containing a tall obelisk and 2 large fountains, before entering the St Peter’s Basilica. The church of Rome, considered one of the world's largest and of course most significant Papal Basilicas, contains the “Pietà” by Michelangelo. The visit inside takes at least one hour,  after which you can walk down Via della Conciliazione to reach Sant' Angelo Castle. The Castle is surrounded by a nice park area where you can stop for a break in the shade.  If you’re not too tired, a tour inside can be quite fun and interesting. Your kids will love playing in a real castle! Then, cross the Tiber on Sant'Angelo bridge to reach Navona square.  The Epiphany, on 6th January, this square can be really exciting for kids because the “Befana”, a nice old witch on a broom, brings presents to good children. Now take Via del Governo Vecchio.At the end of the tour you can head over to Campo dei Fiori, always a colorful and vibrant place thanks to the ever-present flower vendors and busy cafes and shops.


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