Tours For Kids in Rome

For a weekend in Rome with your family, we’ve outlined some routes suitable for both adults and children. From the museums of Villa Borghese, like the Explora Kids and Bioparco, to the Roman Colosseum and the Time Elevator. You can also take your children around the streets of the historic center to check out some of the most famous monuments.  Bring your children to visit St Peter’s Basilica and play around in the square for a lighter version of Vatican touring!

Route: From Explora Museum to Bioparco
A tour for kids in the Zoo of Villa Borghese (Biopark) and in the Explora Kids Museums
Route: From Roman Colosseum to People's square
Visit the Roman Colosseum, the monuments and the museums of the historic center in company of your children and family.
Route: From Vatican city to Campo dei Fiori
A day for your children to discover the places of Christianity and famous roman squares