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Itinerary description

The bond between Rome and Cinema has developed since the 40s, when the capital of Italy became one of the top destinations for movies. After the war there has been a massive growth of Cinecittà Studios and Italy, Rome in particular, for a few years became the center of Cinema. Even in recent years the charm of Rome has seduced producers and directors, who often decided to make movies here. In all the city you can find traces of movie scenes and this itinerary is a guide of the places where you can see points of memorable scenes.
Is absolutely recommended to walk from one place to another.

The itinerary starts from People’s Square (Piazza del Popolo) where you can get both by bus and metro at "Flaminio" (Line A). After admiring the roman square continue along Via Margutta. Today you can still see the house where the protagonists of  "Roman Holidays" Joe and Princess Anne met. The house is located in via Margutta 51. Eight year before in 1945 was filmed "Roma città aperta" by Roberto Rossellini, with Aldo Fabrizi and Anna Magnani. The movie is set in a Rome in which the fascist regime has just fallen but the Allies have not arrived yet in the capital and the resistance is more active than ever. In Spain's Square (Piazza di Spagna) you can still see the guest house from which the partisan, surprised at night by the nazis, escapes on the roofs of the Spanish Embassy. One of the most famous italian movie is "La Dolce Vita", directed by Federico Fellini. The most famous scene is when Anita Ekberg takes a bath/jumps in Trevi Fountain.  Crossing Via del Corso you can arrive to the Pantheon the has been used as a location for the shootings of "Angels & Demons", a famous american movie directed by Ron Howard. Near Pantheon there is Via Giulia where the most famous scene of "Febbre da cavallo",1976  Steno, was filmed. The scene shows Gigi Proietti (Mandrake) that tries to shoot a spot in which he pretends to be a policeman. Form here you can move to St George at Velabrum Church  theater of "The Marquis of Grillo", directed by Mario Monicelli. The movie recounts the exploits of the Marquis Onofrio del Grillo (Alberto Sordi), a noble Roman who lives in papal Rome of 1809 and spends his days in idleness, attending taverns, cultivating illicit love affairs, with a rebellious attitude towards his mother and his conservative family. The famous execution scene was shot in Velabro Square. At the end of the tour you cannot miss  Roman Colosseum, center of "The Gladiator", the historical action movie, directed by Ridley Scott, winner of five Oscar.