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Alternative Tours in Rome

In this itinerary you’ll discover some other lesser known monuments that not all get to fully experience! From Fascist architecture to the Renaissance, from the monuments of the Italian Risorgimento to the locations where some of the most famous films in history have been shot, and not to forget the historic districts of the city and ancient Roman catacombs. Enjoy alternative tours for your week in Rome!

Route: From St Peter and Paul Basilica to Mausoleum of the Fosse Ardeatine
Visit Eur District with its historical museums, the Basilica and the monuments of fascist architecture
Route: From Termini Station to Ponte Sisto
Discover the places of the Renaissance architecture in Rome: monuments, churches, squares, fountains and museums.
Route: From People Square to Roman Colosseum
Discover the places in the center of Rome where were made the most famous movies of the italian and international cinema