Classic Tours of Rome

With a week in Rome you will have the opportunity to visit the Eternal City in all its glory. We've organized these itineraries to visit the historical sights of Rome such as the most famous monuments , Roman museums, historic streets and the most important squares, all part of the history of ancient Rome. The tour also includes an itinerary to the Vatican City and St Peter's Basilica.



Route: From Flaminio Train Station to Venice Square (Piazza Venezia)
A stroll through the historic center of Rome among the many famous squares and fountains
Route: From People's Square (Piazza del Popolo) to the Pantheon
Check out the famous squares, museums and monuments in Rome
Route: From St Peter's Square to the Vatican Grottoes
Visit the Papal Basilica of St Peter and the Vatican Museums
Route: From the Palatine Hill to the Capitoline Museums
This is a Classic tour to discover the ancient ruins of Rome, historical monuments and museums
Route: From Circus Maximus to Trastevere District
Discover the monuments of ancient Rome and enjoy the roman nightlife in Trastevere District
Route: From Flaminio Train Station to Barberini Square
Walking around in Villa Borghese, discovering the park, the museums and all the beautiful monuments within
Route: From Roman Colosseum to Holy Cross in Jerusalem
Visit the ancient churches of the Coelium Hill and St John in Lateran's Basilica