Ancient Rome

A week in Rome to visit all the sites of Ancient Rome, the Colosseum and the Palatine, the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus, without losing the Roman National Museum. With a week available you can discover the monuments of the historic center, not only as the most famous like Navona Square and the Trevi Fountain, but also the ancient churches such as St Mary in Cosmedin and many other interesting attractions of Rome.

Route: From Termini Train Station to the Roman Colosseum.
Start your seven days in Rome with the Ancient Rome Tour visiting ancient churches, museums and the Roman Colosseum
Route: From the Palatine Hill to the Capitoline Museums.
Visit Ancient Rome by walking through the ruins of ancient roman palaces, squares and temples.
Route: From Thermae of Caracalla to Quintili's Villa.
The places of Ancient Rome such as the Thermae of Caracalla and the roman catacombs
Route: From Flaminio Train Station to Crypta Balbi Museum.
The ancient monuments of Via del Corso, the Pantheon and the famous squares of Rome
Route: From Flaminio Train Station to St Peter Square.
Visit Ancient Rome by walking through the ancient churches, squares and castles around the Eternal City
Route: From Eur to Ancient Ostia.
A tour to discover the ancient roman remains preserved in the Eur's museums and the beautiful ruins of the archeological excavation in Ostia.
Route: From Venice Square (Piazza Venezia) to Pyramid of Gaius Cestius.
Discover the famous monuments of Ancient Rome, walking through the ancient theaters, temples