Alternative Tours in Rome

From Fascist to the Renaissance architecture, from the monuments of the Italian Risorgimento to the places where have been filmed the most famous movies in cinema’s history, the historic districts and ancient Roman catacombs. Enjoy alternative tours for your week in Rome!

Route: From Porta Pia to Gianicolo
Discover the great buildings, the monuments, the streets and the squares built during the Italian Rinascimento
Route: From United Nations Square to Square Coliseum
Monuments, squares and museum regarding the Fascist Period in Rome
Route: From People's Square to Roman Colosseum
The places theater of the masterprices of cinema as "La dolce vita", "Roman Holidays" and "The Gladiator"
Route: From Termini Station to Via Giulia
The monuments, the churches and the squares symbol of Renaissance architecture in Rome
Route: From Campo dei Fiori to Giancolo
From Campo dei Fiori to Gianicolo passing through the historical Trastevere quartier, famous for his amazing nightlife
Route: From Porta Maggiore to Verano Cemetery
The neighborhood of Rome famous for its nightlife, including clubs, restaurants and the best pubs of the capital.
Route: From People's Square to Triton Fountain
Quick tour ideal to take beautiful souvenir pictures of the best monuments of Rome