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Itinerary description


This itinerary takes you along the ancient ruins of  the Roman Forum, the beautiful panoramic views on the Palatine Hill and to the treasure of the Roman Colosseum. Then you can discover places known all over the world, walking along famous roman streets known for their history, classic movies and also for their beautiful high-fashion shops.


It is highly recommended to walk from one place to another since all the locations are in the city center.

Time Required:

To visit the sites mentioned it takes about 8 hours, depending on how much time you decide to stop in each place.


Walking along Via dei Fori Imperiali, which begins from Venice Square (Piazza Venezia) or from the subway, stop “Colosseo” (Line B), after a few metres you’ll find yourself in front of the Roman Forum. To visit the Roman Forum pass through Largo Romolo e Remo. Among the Roman ruins and the ancient columns, you should visit the Temple of Saturn, the Vestal Virgins' house, the Arch of Titus, the Arch of Septimius Severus and Antoninus and Faustina's Temple. After visiting the Roman Forum, at the Arch of Titus turn right and you’ll arrive at Palatine Hill, an archeological area which contains the Emperor's residences, arches and temples. Inside you can also admire the great Domus Flavia and Domus Augustana. From the Palatine you can also enjoy a magnificent view of the Ancient city. The itinerary continues with a visit to the Roman Colosseum or Coliseum, the most recognizable monument of Rome, also known as the Anfiteatro Flavio. Inside the Colosseum, you can enjoy the magnificence of the largest and oldest monument in Rome.  After your visit to the Colosseum you can walk back to Venice Square (Piazza Venezia) where you can take some photos of the square, of the steps and of the Altar of the Fatherland (Altare della Patria or Vittoriano). From there take Via del Plebiscito and go straight until the road joins Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Continuing on Via dei Cestari you will arrive in Piazza della Rotonda where you will find the Pantheon, one of the most important monuments of Rome. It's worth taking a look inside! Now go down Via del Seminario that will lead you into Via del Corso. Cut across Via del Corso and continue straight down Via delle Muratte, until you arrive at the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Be patient if you want to take pictures at the fountain ... because it is always very crowded! Going up to Via del Corso you will see Colonna Square (Piazza Colonna) on your left, home to Palazzo Chigi and Colonna's Gallery (Galleria Colonna). Then, up a bit further on your right turn onto Via dei Condotti  where the most  luxurious boutiques of the city are found. Continuing straight you’ll arrive in Spain’s Square (Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Steps). After you've taken your very sought-after pictures, continue your tour down Via del Babuino, another famous roman streets for shopping, and end the tour in People’s Square (Piazza del Popolo), where you can catch both bus or metro, stop at "Flaminio" (Line A).

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