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Distance: 3 Km Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Itinerary description


If you have limited time with this itinerary you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful sights of Rome including the Trevi Fountain, Navona Square and Venice Square. Also you can do shopping in the best shops and shopping centers of Rome.

Is absolutely recommended to walk from one place to another since all the locations are in the city center.
Time Required:
To visit the sites mentioned it takes about  4 or 5 hours, depends on the time you decide to stay in the places.

From Colonna’s Gallery, where we suggest you to stop in the amazing shops, continuing along Via del Corso and turn left in Via delle Muratte. Take a few meters and you’ll find the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Be patient if you want to take pictures at the fountain ... because it is always very crowded! Now go back in Via del Corso, take a few meters and turn right in Via del Seminario. At the end of the street you arrive in Piazza della Rotonda where is waiting for you the Pantheon, one of the most important monuments of Rome. Stop a few more minutes to the Pantheon, go within and take some photos, view it from outside is not enough! The area around the monument in Rome is always very crowded and full of shops, take a ride around and,  if you can, reach Navona Square, where you can take some pictures to the beautiful fountains. Go back to the Pantheon and  take Via della Rotonda and then Via di Torre Argentina until Largo di Torre Argentina. When you arrive in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, go straight until the road joins Via del Plebiscito. The itinerary ends in Venice Square where you can take some photos of the square, to the steps and to the Altar of the Fatherland. Are you tired? For history lovers are advised to visit the Altar of the Fatherland Museum containing artifacts about the history of Italian Unification. From Venice Square you can take the bus from Termini Train Station or walk until the closer subway station “Colosseo” (Line B)

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