Christian Tours

So many ways to discover the Christian Rome, from Vatican City as seen through the Basilica, the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Square to the great papal basilicas of Rome. A discovery tour of the churches of the city, from the oldest to the most recent, history and art of the greatest Italian and foreign artists.

Route: From the Church of Our Lady Angels to Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica
A tour to discover the ancient roman churches including the papal basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore
Route: From St Praxedes to Holy Cross in Jerusalem
The old church of St John in Lateran, the ancient mosaics of St Praxedes and the Holy Cross in Jerusalem
Route: From St John in Lateran's to St Peter's Basilica
An itinerary to discover the treasures of the Christian Rome through the ancient Papal Basilicas
Route: St Peter's Square and the Basilica
Visit the great works contained within the St Peter's Basilica and the famous square of Rome.
Route: Vatican Museums and Vatican Grottoes
A different tour of Vatican City to discover the Vatican Museums and the tombs of the Popes within the Vatican Grottoes