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Distance: 4 Km Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Itinerary description


From Venice Square to the Mouth of Truth, a tour trought the some of the most famous places of Rome, such as the Tiberina Island.

Is  recommended to walk from one place to another since all the locations are in the archaeological sites.
Time Required:
To visit the sites mentioned it takes about  4 or 5 hours, depends on the time you decide to stop in the places.


Starting from Venice Square, that you can easily reach by bus from Termini TrainStation, take Via del Teatro Marcello Once where is located the Theater of Marcellus, one of the best roman art architectures,  built by Emperor Augustus in 17 BC. Close the theater you can also visit the Portico di Ottavia,  built to surround the Temple of Jupiter Statore and the Temple of Juno Regina. Walking on the street you’ll arrive at Tiberina Island, located in the middle of the River Tiber, that divides Trastevere area from the area of Navona Square. Here you can stop for a few  minutes, eating or drinking something in typical bar and restaurants. Take Lungotevere Pierleoni and until arrive at Foro Boario where you can admire some of the best churches and ancient monuments of Rome such as the Church of St Mary in Cosmedin, the Temple of Ercules and, in on the side of the Foro Boario, the famous Mouth of Truth. If you want to take a photos at the popular monument you have to do a long line…but is certainly worth!

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