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Distance: 2 Km Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Itinerary description


If you want to discover the masterpieces of 'nineteenth-century architecture with this route you will have the opportunity to see the buildings and monuments in the Eur's complex, a residential area of Rome, full of art, museums and places of entertainment for young and old.

From one place to another you can walk or take the bus.

Time Required:
To visit all the sites mentioned takes about  6 or 7 hours, depending on the time you decide to stay in each place.

To reach the Eur Quarter, the subway is the most convenient solution you can get out at:  "Eur Magliana", "Eur Fermi"  or "Eur Marconi" (Line B). Starting from the metro Magliana there is the beautiful Sts Peter and Paul Basilica, located at the highest point of the neighborhood Eur. After seeing the church, you should visit some of the most interesting museums of Rome. If you are fond of Ethnography and Prehistoric times we suggest you visit the Pigorini Museum, where you'll find many examples of different ages. Those who are interested in costumes of the Middle Age period can visit  the High Middle Ages Museum. Continuing the itinerary between the museums you'll find the Arts and Popular Tradition Museum which contains traditional and folk-popular material relating to the Ancient Roman period. Take Via della Civiltà Romana and arrive at the Museum of Roman Civilization. The Museum of Roman Civilization contains the Evidence of the Roman culture. The trip continues with the Planetarium and Astronomical Museum. In addition to the museums, Eur offers you the chance to spend your time doing shopping in the neighborhood: two of the busiest streets are Viale America and Viale Europa. The Eur neighborhood also offers many green spaces to entertain the little ones and a host of trendy bars and restaurants to enjoy a good night out with friends.

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