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Alternative Tours in Rome

Mixed itineraries to discover Rome from an alternative point of view: the examples of Fascist architecture of the EUR district, the famous Roman places for movies, the churches, the buildings and fountains built during the Renaissance and the most important monuments of the historic center of Rome.

Route: From St Peter and Paul Basilica to Planetarium
Visit the Sts Peter and Paul Basilica and the museums of Eur District
Route: From Venice Square to Olympic Stadium
Discover the monuments of Fascist architecture in Rome, as the Altar of the Fatherland and Via della Conciliazione
Route: From Museum of Roman Civilization to Cinecittà
The places of Fascism in Rome: Square Coliseum, Mausoleum of the Fosse Ardeatine and Cinecittà
Route: From Venice Square to St Mary in Cosmedin
The ancient teathers and temples of Rome, Tiberina Island and the Mouth of Truth