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When to go

When is the best time to visit Rome? Hints and tips for choosing your favorite season to go on holiday in Rome.

If you’re planning a vacation to Rome, we suggest you come in Spring, from Easter until the end of June or alternatively in Autumn from September to early December. The temperature and climate during spring and fall are the best for touring the city. You will be able to walk safely on the streets and visit the most beautiful places in the city... without it being too hot or too cold.
During the Christmas in Rome, even if the weather can get a bit cold, the city is truly beautiful in the winter. The streets and shop windows are always decorated with thousands of lights, and the squares have various Christmas markets, such as the famous market in Navona Square.
July and August are the hottest months and not the best for exploring the city.. if you happen to be on holiday during the summer in Rome ... arm yourself with water bottles or in alternative explore the coast places of Lazio, such as Fregene and Ostia, easily reached also with Metro Lines or Bus and Trams!



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