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Tourist Card

For tourists in Rome, there are special discount cards to visit the city and save money. Discover the benefits offered by the city of Rome!

The Municipality of Rome has set up a special card for tourists called Roma Pass, the first cultural tourist card of Rome offering discounts to tourists to visit the most beautiful places in the city. With this card you can visit the museums and have access to public transport. The Roma Pass is an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Rome and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, in conjunction with ATAC.
You can get free admission to the first two museums and / or archaeological sites chosen and then a discounted access to all the other museums or archaeological sites. It also offers free access to all of the ATAC public transportation (metro lines A and B, Rome-Pantano granting railway Rome-Lido, Rome-Viterbo, within the urban area of ​​the Municipality of Rome).
The Roma Pass is completed on the back with name and date of activation and is valid three days from the date of activation for access to museums / sites, or valid until 24.00 on the third day of the first validation on public transport the public. The tourist card is active when accessing the first site / museum, or on the first trip on a public transportation system, is accessed directly for the first 2 sites, while the 3rd site onwards please apply for tickets advantage of the reduction.

Roma Pass Card is exhibiting at the request of personal control, together with a valid ID
The Roma Pass Card lasts 3 days of validation and provides the following services:
Free admission to the first 2 museums and / or archaeological sites of your choice and consecutive
Discounted admission to museums all subsequent and / or archaeological sites
Free access to transportation Atac (surface, underground lines A and B, Rome-Pantano railways concession, Rome-Lido, Rome-Viterbo within the urban area of ​​the Municipality of Rome). Trenitalia and the media are excluded Cotral.Sconti for exhibitions, events and services agreement (Rome News)
Reductions for Emergency Medical Service Multilingual Tourist - Travel Health MET
Tell Rome and cultural tourism service
At the Coliseum there is a turnstile reserved for Roma Pass holders for direct access to the site.

The Roma Pass kit consists of:
Roma Informa: provides information about events via the internet, culture and information.
Rome Map: Map of the tourist information points, Underground stations, museums / sites (address, phone numbers, buses and underground stations, timetables).
Roma Pass Guide: a guide to museums, monuments and archaeological sites.
Rome News: events and tourist services for the city divided by categories: art, dance, music, theater, exhibitions, tours and travel services


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