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Riding a Scooter in Rome

Have you ever thought to visit Rome on a scooter? Here’s some advice on how to rent scooters in Rome and interesting sites to see!

If you want to be like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday" there’s nothing like a beautiful vintage vespa to visit to explore the eternal city!

From Via dei Fori Imperiali to Roman Colosseum, from Mouth of Truth to Circus Maximus, walking through streets and historical squares of Eternal City. There are many possible itineraries in Rome that you can enjoy by scooter.


More than this, on your scooter you’ll have the chance to admire striking Roman views,  passing through the Seven Hills of Rome, and the wonderful path that goes from Trastevere to Gianicolo, one of the most romantic places in Rome.



Roma in Scooter: Advantages!
The scooter in Rome is one of the most used transport by citizens and tourists that want to visit the city  in a sunny day with the possibility to enter into all streets in historical center, since scooters in Rome are not subject to ZTL Limit (Limited Traffic Zone). On scooter you’ll avoid roman traffic and parking will never be a problem!

If you don’t like tourist buses and have little time to visit museums and art galleries or simply if you’d like to live the city in an alternative way, rent a scooter! Is the best solution to spend an afternoon  visiting monuments, narrow streets and historic districts without access restrictions and time schedules.


Roma in Scooter: Suggestions!
If you ride the scooter downtown we suggest you pay attention to the "cobblestones" (sanpietrini in Italian), Rome’s famous basalt blocks used to pave roads. When it rains cobblestones tend to become quite slippery. Pay attention to the tram tracks and be careful when you cross them. Last but not least, avoid to park the scooter on the sidewalks and remember to always lock the scooter with a good lock!


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