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Metrobus Tickets

Here you will find information on Metrobus tickets and the different rates available for metro/bus tickets depending on how long you’re staying in Rome!

Getting around Rome by public transport is easy and its a good way to save money while enjoying the city.  The following is a list of the different types of tickets you can choose from depending on how long you plan on staying:


B.I.T. (time integrated ticket)
se tickets can be used on any means of public transportation in Rome; they are valid for 100 minutes and the holder can take type of public transportation they want, whether bus, train, or tram during the 100 minutes time frame. If taking the metro, the ticket will work only once but is still valid for the full 100 minutes on above ground transportation (buses and trams). 
Price: 1,50 euro

B.I.G. (one-day ticket)
This ticket is valid for 24 hours on all types of public transportation, and it must be validated on the first bus/tram/metro you use; This ticket can be used on the metro more than once in all directions, and is valid for one person only.
Price 6,00 euro


B.T.I. ( 3-days tourist integrated ticket)
This ticket is valid for 3 consecutive days on all types of public transportation. It must be validated on the first bus/tram/metro you take and can be used on all Metro Lines.
Price 16,50 euro


C.I.S. (tourist one-week integrated ticket)
This ticket is valid for 7 consecutive days and has the same terms of use as the B.T.I., however you must write your name on the card for it to be valid.
Price 24,00 euro


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