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Study Abroad in Rome

Would you like to study in Rome? Here you’ll find all the information you need in order to participate in a study abroad program in Rome. The various universities, phone numbers and a list of all necessary documents.

Rome has many universities offering study abroad programs to international students.  If you’re interested in studying the Italian language and would like to learn about Roman history and culture, the ‘Erasmus’ program is the European study abroad program for international students. 


With the Erasmus program, you can chose among the various courses and special semester programs offered at the three main universities in Rome: La Sapienza, Tor Vergata or Roma Tre.


Before you leave for your Erasmus study abroad experience, make sure you bring a copy of all the necessary documents with you to be admitted to the program and the courses you’d like to take, such as the Dichiarazione dalla sede dell'Università (certification that you are in Rome as an Erasmus student), Modulo di domanda per gli studenti Erasmus (the application form for Erasmus students), la tessera sanitaria per l’ Assicurazione sulle Malattie (European health card, or proof of health insurance for non Europeans), an carta d'identità o il passaporto (identity card and/or passport).


For those interested in participating in an Erasmus study abroad program, the following links will help you get started:If you are interested to follow the Erasmus program in Rome, we provide some useful page on the programs of the various faculties:


Erasmus at "La Sapienza" University

Erasmus at "Roma Tre" University

Erasmus at "Tor Vergata" University


A useful website has been designed especially for foreign students while in Rome with some helpful information and advice during their study abroad experience. The website, www.erasmusroma.eu offers help with finding housing, part time jobs and many other suggestions to live and get around Rome!


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