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Eating in Rome

Here there are some helpful hints for eating in Rome, by the types to the prices of the restaurants to enjoy the best dishes and to avoid being swindled.

If you want to eat in Rome you have not spoiled for choice: with friends, for business or for an intimate dinner, the city offers a wide range of alternatives. From the trattorias of the city center where you can taste the typical dishes of Roman food, the luxurious restaurants, where you can eat fresh seafood and dishes prepared with the finest wine producers. If you want something more simple we suggest you try the pizzerias in Rome, fast food and ethnic restaurants. If you looking for a romantic evening you can try the sushi restaurants or the creative cuisine in Rome!



Attention to the choice of restaurant: remember to distinguish in order to avoid disappointments! Typically, the restaurants located in the historical districts of cities such as Trastevere, Campo dei Fiori, Testaccio, Navona Square and in general in all areas frequented by tourists tend to offer low-quality menu at very high prices. In this case we suggest you also check the costs of Rome, to know which are the areas most and least expensive of the city.


In order to choose a good restaurant without being disappointed we suggest you refer your friends or read the reviews on Puntarellarossa.it, the portal where you will find many reviews on restaurants in Rome with a lot of votes and rankings, a tool for eating in Rome between quality and taste.


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