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Driving in Rome

Driving in Rome: tips and suggestions for driving a car or scooter in the city, parking and restricted traffic areas.

Driving a car or scooter in Rome can be stressful and often dangerous, especially on a scooter or motorcycle. Rush hour traffic can be really heavy and often you can get stuck in traffic jams for hours on end. 

When driving in the city centre, there are many streets that are marked as ZTL, which means it is a restricted traffic area and access is only allowed for certain vehicles, like buses and taxis, and is accessible to non-residence only during certain specific times.  These streets and areas are monitored by CCTV who photograph license plates to send tickets by post.  If you’ve rented a car and are staying at a hotel in the centre, remember to ask for a special permit to enter and park in the centre and ask your hotel about special parking as well. 


If possible, we suggest you avoid renting a car and experience Rome on foot, by bike or with public transportation (bus and trams or metro lines). You can avoid the stress and a parking tickets and enjoy the city properly!




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