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Disabled Holidays

Some useful informations on places that are easily accessible to people with disabilities. Hotels, parking, public washrooms and many other places and services available to people with limited mobility who want to enjoy the city!

Rome is a very accessible city for people with disabilities thanks to the Municipal Office for the Defense of Family Political Rights  and the Region of Lazio Social Services, who incorporates regional programs with national and international initiatives to improve access and mobility for disabled people


In Rome, public areas, churches, museums and the other major attractions are easily accessible for people with limited mobility as well as parking lots and public washrooms.  Among the most popular and accessible places in Rome, you’ll find:


St. Peter's Basilica: close to the new entrance to Saint Peter’s square, there is an elevator that goes from the piazza all the way up to the atrium. In addition to the elevator, there are also sidewalks and ramps in and around the piazza for greater access.

The Vatican Museums: are accessible to people with disabilities and descriptive tours for the blind are also available. You can organize a visit with access to a wheelchair and there are also accessible washrooms in various areas of the museums.

St John in Lateran's Basilica: There are sidewalks and ramps in and around the piazza for greater accessibility for wheelchairs.  There are also accessible washrooms, and special crosswalks.   There is also pathway for the blind to get to the Church of  Holy Cross in Jerusalem


St Paul Outside the Walls Basilica: There are pathways for blind people from the metro line B to the back of the Basilica on Via Ostiense. The crosswalks and stop lights are audio assisted as well.


For more information visit www.handyturismo.it


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