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Costs of Rome

What are the prices in Rome? Useful information to know the costs of the city, from the historic center to the suburbs, a guide for getting around town and know the most expensive and the cheapest districts in Rome.

Rome is quite expensive, especially if you choose to stay and eat in the historic center of the city. The downtown hotels are very expensive, as the restaurants. It often happens, especially if you are a tourist, that the operators of the premises raise the prices.

If you have a high budjet we suggest you choose the hotels located in the Rome's center among the most famous sights of Rome such as Campo dei Fiori, Navora Square, Spain's Square, and all those places where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city. If you have a tight budget you should choose hotels that are a bit out of the center, or B&Bs. The best solution is to choose 2 or 3 star hotels and then reach the city center by bus and tram or by metro lines.

As for the restaurants you should not go to turist restaurants, located in the popular roman quartiers. In fact often in the tourist restaurants you can't enjoy a good cuisine and the prices are high. The best thing is try the typical Roman restaurants and trattorias, maybe just outside the historic center, where you can try the typical roman food and save your money.


Rome in the evening is full of cocktail bar and night clubs to drink and dance until late at night. If you are young and perhaps students we recommend the local of St Lawrence District, where you will have the opportunity to spend evenings in some of the most popular clubs of Rome without spending high figures. In the premises of the historic center of Rome, such as Trastevere District or Ponte Milvio District,  drink's prices are a little higher but still fun is guaranteed!

Getting around the city is not too expensive, the municipality of Rome in fact has provided the Tourists Card to visit the sights and get around Rome by public transport (bus and trams or metro lines)


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