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Welcome to Rome Ebook Travel Guides

Welcome to Rome Ebook Travel Guides, the best source to plan your trip to the most beautiful Italian city, Rome. Welcome to Rome Travel Guides is a new series of guidebooks dedicated to the Eternal City, created specifically for tourists to design their own itinerary based on their own interests, by offering a wide selection of alternative programs and plans selected according to the length of stay and/or interest type. Readers will find a specially tailored and comprehensive itinerary filled with information based on their choices. All ebooks are available in different formats and compatible with multiple devices for optimum performance and utility.

One day itineraries

One Day Itinerary: Classic Tour

The Monuments of Ancient Rome, Historic Center and the famous Shopping Street.

One Day Itinerary: Alternative Tour

Discover the architecture of the Italian Risorgimento and the monuments of Italy's Unification.

One Day Itinerary: Fun tour

Shopping in the historic center of Rome and then heading to Trastevere District for some fun.

One Day Itinerary: Tour for Kids

Discover the famous monuments of Rome, the museums and the best shopping in the historic center.

One Day Itinerary: Ancient Rome Tour

Discover the treasures of Ancient Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine and other historical monuments.

One Day Itinerary: Christian Tour

Visit the Four Papal Basilicas of Rome, St Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums

Weekend itineraries

Weekend Itinerary: Classic Tour

Day 1: Ancient Roman Buildings - Day 2: Vatican Tour - Day 3: Historic Center and Shopping

Weekend Itinerary: Fun Tour

Day 1: Villa Borghese and St Lawrence District - Day 2: Historic Center and Trastevere - Day 3: The Shopping Streets

Weekend Itinerary: Christian Tour

Day 1: Ancient Churches and Papal Basilicas - Day 2: Tour of Vatican City - Day 3: Churches on the Aventine Hill.

Weekend Itinerary: Ancient Rome Tour

Day 1: Roman Forum and Colosseum - Day 2: Circus Maximus, Coelium and Aventine - Day 3: Caracalla and Appian Way.

Weekend Itinerary: Tour for Kids

Day 1: Villa Borghese and Bioparco - Day 2: Colosseum and Historic Center - Day 3: Vatican City and Navona Square

Week itineraries

Week Itinerary: Classic Tour

With a week in Rome you will have the opportunity to visit the Eternal City in all its glory.