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Around Rome

Rome is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, but its surroundings are not less! If you are in the city for your holidays and have time available, we advise you to discover the wonderful places around Rome. Here you will find itineraries in Rome, to discover the historical and artistic beauties of the city, and also a comprehensive guide with which you can visit historic villages and interesting landscapes.


If you like history and art, we recommend a tour of the Roman Castles and the Ancient Cities of Lazio, where you can walk in medieval streets and visit churches, fortresses, castles and historic mansions. In these places you can also enjoy a journey of taste and typical products of Lazio, the real roman food and fine wines of the place, such as the white wine of Frascati or the famous "porchetta" of Ariccia.


For those who love nature and outdoor walks we suggest the Lakes Districts and the Natural Reserves of Lazio where is possible to hike, bike and do horse riding on the romantic shores of Lake Bracciano and Lake of Nemi, between nature and ancient ruins. Alternatively waiting for you the Nature Trails of the Regional Park of Roman Castles and the beautiful waters of Circeo National Park


If you spend the summer in Rome do not miss the seaside resorts of the coast places of Lazio, from Fregene to Ostia, famous for its nightlife, to the beautiful beaches of Sperlonga and Gaeta, where you can enjoy a crystal clear sea and relaxation is guarantee.

A visit to the heart of the Roman Castles, discovering the ancient city of Albano Laziale between beautiful churches, art, typical cuisine and historical artifacts.

Visit Ariccia, a tour through history and typical products, such as the famous "porchetta of Ariccia" to be enjoyed in an atmosphere rich in art and historic buildings.

Visit the ancient village of Calcata, a small jewel of art and history immersed in the unspoiled beauty of the Valle del Treia.

A short guide to the medieval village of Campagnano, history, art, local products, landscapes and the famous markets of antiques!

Your guide to Castel Gandolfo, one of the most popular summer destinations of Lazio, including natural areas, sports and outdoor walks. Discover the history and monuments of the most famous sight of the Roman Castles area.

An outdoor walk to discover the Etruscan Necropolis of Lazio, a journey through ancient ruins, art, culture and beautiful landscapes.

Explore the natural wonders of Circeo National Park, one of the most important natural reserves located along the Lazio coast!

Faleria, a medieval town between Calcata and the Treia Valley, is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

A guide to visit Frascati, the small city in the Roman Castles area famous for its ancient villas, good wine and historical and artistic heritage to be discovered!

The beach is in Fregene! This summer destination is well known for its elegant beachfront facilities, children attractions and the coolest nightclubs of Lazio.

Holidays in Gaeta, for those who love to relax on intimate beaches with crystal clear water! Plan your stay in the small village along the coast of Lazio.

Visit Genzano of Roma: from the Old Town to the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani. Discover the art, nature and wine of this truly beautiful location. Just a few steps from the shores of Lake of Nemi!

A natural paradise on the outskirts of Rome, among ancient ruins, nature filled itineraries and rich history to be discovered!

Driving to the town of Grottaferrata, one of the most elegant residential areas of the Roman Castles, known for the Abbey of St Mary, the great artistic production, good food and much more!

If you love nature, history and outdoor excursions we suggest you visit the shores of the Lake Albano, where you can enjoy a rich vegetation and many endangered animal species.

The natural heritage, the archeology and the traditions relating to the Lake of Bolsena, one of the largest volcanic lakes in Europe.

Lake Bracciano, a natural oasis on the outskirts of Rome where you can relax, enjoy local products and outdoor activities.

Treat yourself to an excursion to the shores of Lake of Nemi, a charming destination near the Roman Castles, surrounded by nature, history and legend.

An outdoor trip to the Lake Turano, between the picturesque medieval villages of Castel di Tora and Colle di Tora.

Come discover the clear waters of Lake Vico, immersed in the enchanting natural reserve located between the Fogliano Mount and the Venere Mount

A tour through the alleys of the town of Nemi, a small village where art and nature coexist in perfect harmony, surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of Lake of Nemi.

Come to discover the natural treasures preserved in the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani, a natural oasis where flora and fauna live in perfect harmony.

Visit the medieval town of Rocca di Papa, a unique experience that will help you explore the history and traditions of the place, in the splendid frame of the Regional Park of Castelli Romani.

Among excursions in the green of the Alban Hills and walks in the historic center, Rocca Priora is waiting also for taste the typical local products during town festivals, which attract hundreds of visitors every month!

Visit Tivoli, from old mansions to historic buildings, from churches to the splendid architecture, will provide you a travel guide to discover the hidden treasures of one of the oldest cities of Rome.