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Christmas Markets in Rome

Visiting Rome at Christmas time is a unique experience with its Christmas markets, shopping and many events, you can’t miss it!

Christmas in Rome is truly a sight to see: the city comes alive with Christmas lights and decorations that create a special Christmas feeling in everyone. Christmas in Rome and the Vatican  hosts many important religious events and ceremonies.  On Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to attend the service in St Peter’s Square and the Pope’s Holy Mass on Christmas day, December 25th.


The Christmas markets in Rome are a big attraction for tourists and Romans alike, in search of a souvenir or decorations for the holidays. Christmas markets spring up in major piazzas around the city from early December right up until the Epiphany and are great places to bring the family and enjoy the season delights.



Walking through the stalls you’ll find everything from souvenirs, to decorations for your Christmas tree and much more. There are stands selling sweets,  typical Roman foods like cheeses and chestnuts, paintings, small electronic gadgets and of course, many children’s toys! In addition to the many markets, there are also various events that take place during the Christmas season around the city such as gospel concerts, street performance shows and impromptu choir performances.


The Christmas Market in Navona Square
The Christmas market in Navona square is one of the most well known in the city.  It opens its doors at the beginning of December and ends after the Epiphany on January 6th.  Surrounded by one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, you can stroll through the stalls of toys, gifts, sweets, coloured lights and typical foods. On the adjacent streets you’ll find various gospel, mandolin and ethnic music concerts.

The Christmas Market in Piazza Re di Roma
From the beginning of December until Christmas Eve, you’ll find stalls and stands filled with Christmas sweets and other typical foods, Christmas lights, decorations, gifts and toys.


The Christmas Market at Roma con il cuore a Piazzale Ankara (Flaminio Stadium)
From the 10th to the 13th of December  you can visit the Christmas stands and stalls selling everything from typical Christmas foods to gift ideas and decorations at Piazzale Ankara.  Every year, there are over 150 vendors and artists that participate in this market, as well as the cooperative group Onlus and volunteer associations to organize the “Christmas Giving Tree” (L’Albero della Bontà).  Gifts and food baskets are collected for the less fortunate in the community, especially the elderly and children.  .


The Christmas Market at Piazza Caprera
Hosted in the particularly beautiful square of Piazza Caprera, you’ll be able to walk through the various stands filled with Christmas gifts, lights, and typical Roamn foods.


Mercatino Natalizio di Fiumicino
From December 1st until January 8th, the Da Vinci shopping centre will be lined with Christmas stands selling all kinds of Christmas objects and treats like sweets  and toys, and also special Christmas events. It’s a great place to get your Christmas shopping done while entertaining the kids.


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