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Things Not To Miss

Rome is a city full of fun things to do during your holidays, but there are certain things you simply cannot miss!


In Rome there are things that a tourist should not miss! Some of these include special festivals, certain traditions according legends, and also certain activities that will complete the experience. Many of you have surely heard about the ritual of the Coins into the Trevi Fountain. How could you deny yourself the opportunity to throw a coin into the world's most famous fountain?


Another thing you really shouldn’t miss is, without a doubt, the Papal Audience, held every Wednesday year round.  It is a unique experience that attracts thousands to the capital every week. And how about a romantic river boat cruise on the Tiber? This is a different and unique way to see the historic sights of Rome, while enjoying a delicious dinner by candlelight.


Do not forget that Italy is the number one fashion capital in the world and Rome is the ideal place to do your shopping while walking down some of the most famous streets in the capital. The shopping in Rome is definitely one of the many things that you should not miss. And then of course there are a number of concerts and special events, such as the 1st May, as well as many other things to discover in Rome.


Don't miss the First of May celebrations in Rome when the city celebrates Labor Day with one of the most popular music festivals of the year!

The Rome Zoo is a great place to spend the day with the family and showing your children a fun way to learn about all kinds of animals!

Visiting Rome at Christmas time is a unique experience with its Christmas markets, shopping and many events, you can’t miss it!

The Trevi Fountain is without a doubt one of the most visited and well known monuments in Rome, not only for its beautiful architecture but also because of the superstitions connected with throwing coins into it!

If you happen to be on holiday in Rome do not miss the Audience of the Pope at the Vatican, the event which each week attracts thousands of faithful from all over the world.

Do not miss the beauty of Rome from the Tiber River, a tour to discover the treasures of the city from another point of view.

Rome is one of the best Italian cities for shopping! Many Roman streets are lined with shops and luxury boutiques where it’s easy to spend lots of time shopping and relaxing during your visit.

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