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Roman Food

Here you’ll find a selection of typical Roman dishes that you simply must try when you come to Rome on vacation!

Traditional Roman cuisine is based on fresh and inexpensive foods that were easy for poor Romans to come by. It’s simple food based on fresh vegetables, grains, and meat. And of course pasta, prepared in a number of different ways as well as fish, desserts typically prepared around Christmas time, and last but not least, Pizza! the most famous Italian food!


STARTERS (antipasto)
The starter is a little taster to wet your pallet before the first course (pasta) comes out. It’s a tradition that dates back to the time of Cicerone, who liked to serve honeyed wine with food. If you’d like to taste some typical Roman starters, we suggest:


Crostini con Alici: toasted bread served warm with butter and anchovies.
Fiori di Zucca fritti: deep fried zucchini flower stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies.
Supplì alla Romana: rice balls filled with mozzarella and prosciutto.
Fave e pecorino: a typical Roman cheese served with large fresh Roman green beans.
Panzerotti alla Romana: fried gnocchi made of flour and egg.
The first course in Roman cuisine is traditionally pasta. Pasta is prepared all over Italy, and here are a selection of traditional Roman variations:


Pasta alla Carbonara: spaghetti with a creamy sauce made of egg, pancetta (bacon), black pepper and pecorino cheese, a typical roman cheese.

Gnocchi alla Romana: gnocchi made with durum wheat, pan fried with butter and cheese.
Pasta Cacio e Pepe: pasta with a light and creamy sauce made of olive oil, cheese and black pepper.
Pasta e Ceci: a minestroni soup, with pasta and chick peas, with a touch of rosemary.
Trippa alla Romana: tripe cooked in a spicy tomato sauce served with a sprinkling of pecorino.
SECOND COURSE (main course)
Pizza alla Romana: white pizza ( thin pizza without any sauce or toppings) with a drizzling of olive oil and rosemary.
milk fed calf cooked in tomato sauce, and can also be used as a part of a sauce.
Porchetta: roasted pork with various herbs, bay leaf, garlic and black pepper.
Saltimbocca alla Romana: veal cutlet sauted with white wine, sage and prosciutto.

SIDE DISHES (contorno)
Puntarelle: a typical fresh Roman vegetable served with a vinegrette made of olive oil, garlic and anchovies.
Carciofi alla giudia: fried artichokes, where the inside stays soft and the outside leaves get nice and crunchy.
Cicoria: typical steamed Roman leafy green vegetable, served with olive oil and paprika.

Maritozzi Romani: sweet bread made with raisins and candied oranges.
Crostata di ricotta: cheesecake made with fresh ricotta and candied fruit.
Ciambelle al vino: a hard, round cookie with a hole in the middle, served with wine.


If you'd like to learn more about typical products and traditional food from Lazio, Serapea has made a list of characteristic specialties from wine to cheeses, from all over the region of Lazio. Its a guide for lovers of roman cuisine and passionate foodies looking for something new!




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