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Dolce Vita

The Dolce Vita, or Sweet life of Roman culture, looks at the city from '50s and '60s: the celebrity lifestyle, from Via Vittorio Veneto to Federico Fellini, a way to relive the old days in Rome.

The roman Dolce Vita was made famous to the world thanks to the Federico Fellini's masterpiece of Italian cinema. The most famous scene from the film, starring Anita Ekberg, is when she jumps into the Trevi fountain, begging the great italian actor Marcello Mastroianni to get in as well. The term “dolce vita” refers to an Italian period, between the 1950s and ‘60s, when the paparazzi culture really began to try and capture the leisurely lifestyle of the most popular stars of the moment. Via Veneto (where you will find a plaque dedicated to the dolce vita) became one of the busiest streets of Rome, with its luxurious bars and restaurants.  This area of Rome is generally preferred by the national and international jet set crowd. Trastevere neighborhood and Campo dei Fiori were also very popular places for roman Dolce Vita. The most famous actresses and actors spent their time enjoying the roman nightlife in these places. It wasn't difficult to run into stars like Sophia Loren for example, who would walk along Via dei Condotti, where even then the most luxurious shops of the city could be found. Today the term "dolce vita"continues to refer to a luxurious lifestyle of pleasure and nightlife


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