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Summer in Rome

Summertime in Rome is one of the best times to visit, as the city is host to many events and fun activities. Whether you spend the afternoon touring the monuments in the centre, or lounging on the beaches along the coast; the city comes alive at night!

During the summer, the city organizes different events for locals and tourists: cultural events, live entertainment, exhibitions, plays, fairs, and many other interesting attractions for unforgettable nights in Rome.

The summer entertainment season begins every year with a Music Festival on June 21. During this event musicians, artists, singers, music schools, associations and various Italian institutions perform live concerts for free. For those who enjoy the theatre, the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma organizes a very interesting summer program that’s worth checking out!
In June, July and August, Ancient Roman buildings and locations like the Terme di Caracalla and the Teatro di Marcello, play host to performances by some of the biggest italian and International singers and performers. The city of Rome organizes the annual Estate Romana (Roman Summer), which consists of various events, festivals and exhibitions around the city.

Another popular summer attraction is the Lungo il Tevere Roma (Along the Tiber Roma) where some of the city’s most famous bars, discos and restaurants set up temporary locations along the Tiber. There are also booths selling typical roman souvenirs and Italian products as well as outdoor performances and films. If you like to dance, some of the city’s most popular clubs line the river for a great night of dancing and drinking into the early hours of morning.

During the hot summer days, there are also great options to beat the heat at one of the pools located in the north and south ends of the city!


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