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Festivals in Rome

A complete guide to festivals and fairs that take place in Rome during the year. From January to December so many ways to spend your free time in the city!

New Year's Eve: big parties in the People's Square (Piazza del Popolo) and in the main squares around the city with concerts, live events and games to ring in the new year with lots of company!
The Epiphany : celebrations, activities and events in major squares like Piazza Navona and all over the city!


Independent Film Festival and International Film festival with more than 40 artists from over 20 countries.


"Eurochocolate" takes place on the staircase leading to the Trinita dei Monti each year where more than 500 stands devoted to chocolate gather to celebrate the similar festival that takes place in Perugia.
The Marathon of Rome is scheduled around the 3rd week of March in Rome and attracts thousands to take part and enjoy the all day events and concerts in the squares.
The Procession of the Cross, which starts at the Colosseum and ends at the Palantine to retrace the 14 stations of the Gospel.
Also in April, "Painters at Margutta", a street famous for its many galleries and artists who reside here, exhibits the work of over 100 painters


The "International Tennis Tournamente" is held every year at the Olympic Stadium complex in Rome is one of the most important .


Photography Exhibition takes place this month in Rome.
From June to September in Piazza Vittorio, "Notti di Cinema in Piazza Vittorio" which means Film night in Piazza Vittorio. A beautiful park with 2 screens showing 2 films each, under the stars surrounded by gardens and roman ruins.


Among the events in Rome, this months features "Women Under the Stars" which is a fashion show that takes place in Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square).
At Sant'Angelo Castel this month there is an outdoor book fair.
And in Trastevere there is a 9 day theatre, music and folklore festival called "Festa de 'Noatri".


Rome's  "La Notte Bianca" which lasts from 8pm to 8am the next day, is a special celebration where all night around the city you'll find events, plays, concerts, museums and shops open late if not all night long!


Christmas in Rome! There are religious services and celebrations at the Vatican, and also christmas markets, christmas shopping, concerts and activities for children throughout Rome during this holiday season.


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