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Easter in Rome

Easter in Rome is a delightful time to spend your holiday, both as regards the religious moment is for those who want to visit the city in spring-like weather!

The Easter weekend in Rome is without doubt one of the busiest tourist destinations with thousands of Italian and foreign visitors. The spring weather, and on Easter Monday, the day when you are not working, are two of the many factors that encourage tourists to visit the city of art par excellence.


Three or more days for a tour of art, history and entertainment. You can organize your days visiting museums and the most beautiful sights of Rome. For those who stay in a city one or three days we suggest you follow the Itineraries in Rome, a simple and fun way to explore the city from  the Roman Colosseum  to Navona Square, from Spain's Square to the Trevi Fountain without abandoning the shopping itineraries, one of the best things to do in Rome.


Who is in Rome on Easter will attend the Papal Audience in St. Peter's Square, the Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Ratzinger that draws thousands of faithful. In Holy Week the Church celebrates the mysteries of salvation: the work of redeeming mankind and giving perfect glory to God accomplished by Christ. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, "Passion of the Lord", shall be closed from Monday to Thursday and culminates with the Easter Triduum. The Vatican City Itinerary for example will allow you to visit the treasures of the Holy See, from St. Peter's Basilica  to the Vatican Museums. We also recommend the suggestive Friday Procession takes place in Albano Laziale, the religious event which dates back to 1821.



As for free time in Rome during the Easter is promoting many events and interesting initiatives. The museums of Rome, in fact often organize activities to promote culture in the city, during which the inputs to the exhibitions are free. In the page of events in Rome you'll  find a complete guide to exhibitions, shows and concerts scheduled during the Easter weekend in Rome. For lovers of night life in Rome Easter offers many fun evenings in cocktail bars and nightclubs in the city. In Rome Entertaiment you will find a complete list of the best cocktail bars and clubs of the city to spend your evenings sparking up late at night.



Happy Easter in Rome!


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I'll be there in april...can't wait!!!

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