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Living Rome

Want to really enjoy your stay in Rome? Here are activities that you can do in the city, a number of ways to spend your free time between cultural events and good entertainment.


Experiencing Rome also means taking part in the events and festivals organized throughout the year. If you want to keep up on what there is to do in Rome, like famous sporting events such as Rome Marathon, you’ll discover all the entertainment and fun opportunities the city has to offer!


In either summer or winter, Rome offers many alternative ways to pass your days in the city. For those who choose to spend the summer in Rome, the municipality provides a series of great events, such as the ‘Estate Romana' or ‘Lungo il Tevere di Roma’ and concerts that will entertain you all summer long and give you fun ways to spend the night in Rome.

Winter in Rome has its own charm too, especially during Christmas when the city is decorated to the nines with lights and Christmas decorations. You can discover the magic of the ancient churches displaying their nativity scenes and do some Christmas shopping at the best shops in the capital. Not to mention New Year's Eve in Rome, one of the most anticipated events of the year, including concerts and free shows in the major town squares.


To get the most out of Rome we suggest you spend the Easter holidays in the city when you can attend mass in St Peter's Square. It’s truly something special to experience! For you romantics, we suggest a tour of the churches for your wedding in Rome, where you can take your wedding photos among the ruins of the Eternal City. Coming on holiday with the family is also a great idea. There are several itineraries and tips to experience Rome with kids and friends, including many fun and entertaining ways to visit Rome with your children.

Christmas is one of the best periods to visit Rome, in December Rome is colored by lights and decorations. Here you can find Christmas markets, concerts, ancient churches and great events!

Easter in Rome is a delightful time to spend your holiday, both as regards the religious moment is for those who want to visit the city in spring-like weather!

A complete guide to festivals and fairs that take place in Rome during the year. From January to December so many ways to spend your free time in the city!

Getting married in Rome is a unique experience you shouldn’t miss! Dream locations for your special day that you’ll never forget!

Below we provide you with a list of the most recognized schools in Rome to learn italian language.

The New Years's Eve in Rome turns of sounds, music and exclusive parties! If you want to spend this magic night in Italy's capital you can choose from many alternatives.

There are so many ways to spend an evening in Rome. From aperitif until the early hours of morning, there are so many entertaining things to do in the evening in Rome!

In Rome, there are a number of fun places to visit with your family. There are many ways to entertain your children in Rome from theatre performances to hands-on museums and parks!

Summertime in Rome is one of the best times to visit, as the city is host to many events and fun activities. Whether you spend the afternoon touring the monuments in the centre, or lounging on the beaches along the coast; the city comes alive at night!

The Rome Marathon is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the capital. Each year, thousands of Italian and foreign tourists come to the capital to attend this big event.