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The history of Rome through the centuries, from its ancient origins to the present day. The Roman Era, the Middle Ages, the Republic, the Beginning of 900s and much more.


The origins of Rome are very ancient, early human discoveries date back to prehistoric times. But the history of the city of Rome starts with the foundation of the city on the Palatine Hill by Romulus, the first of the seven kings of Rome. This period, also known as Ancient Rome or "Età Regia" marks the beginning of the history of the Eternal City.


The fall of the monarchy was replaced with the Roman Republic, which initiated significant development of the city through several war effort during the Punic Wars, leading Rome to have extensive control over territories at home and abroad. The Republican Era led to Imperial Rome, where we see the great Roman emperors from Octaviano Augustus to Nero, from Vespasian to Marcus Aurelius. The period of the Roman emperors marks the great economic and architecture development of the city, which gave birth to the largest and most representative monuments in Rome.


During the Middle Ages or Medieval period, like many other Italian cities, Rome went through a crisis period where there was an internal struggle for political power with the papacy.  During this period, Rome experienced major reforms, the power of the popes and the birth of the Holy Roman Empire. From the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance in Rome, the period of great artistic and cultural development of Rome took place featuring characters such as Michelangelo and Raphael whose paintings and architectural projects left an indelible mark on the city.


With the Italian Risorgimento,  Rome develops its own identity even from the political point of view. Struggles, conflicts and major wars will lead the Unification of Italy and Rome will become the capital. The history of Rome ends with the Fascist period, through the World Wars that mark the political and social system of the city, after a hard post-war period confirming today’s historic capital of Italy. 




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