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Famous People

Famous people of Rome: biography, works, pictures and interesting facts of famous people from Rome, which have contributed to the greatness of the city, from its origins to the present.


Over the centuries, Rome have lived by different characters in different areas wicht have left an indelible mark on the city, contributing to its greatness. From the great seven king of Ancient Rome to the outstanding personalities of the Roman Republic, as the great Caesar and Spartacus, the brave and courageous servant of Rome. The stories of Roman emperors, during the Imperial Rome, notes such as great personalities Augustus and Nero, who made ​​Rome the most powerful city in terms of political, cultural and artistic with the world's largest heritage. But any period of Rome's history had its great heroes, great leaders like Giuseppe Mazzini and Garibaldi in Italian Risorgimento, mens ready to die for their country.


But the history of Rome have not only made the distinguished leaders and powerful politicians. Famous artits such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Michealangelo, Caravaggio and many other painters, sculptors and artistic geniuses have left their masterpieces in Rome.


Moving ahead a few centuries Rome meets the great characters of 900 such as Mussolini, the great Italian directors and actors like Alberto Sordi and Vittorio De Sica, Rossellini, Antonioni, and the great divas of the 50's. Among the sports celebrities we can not forget the bike for Max Biaggi and Francesco Totti for the game of football, a true idol of the Roman people.

The history and achievements of Francesco Totti, the Roman footboll player, a true icon of Italian football.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was one of the most important artists in Italy and in Rome. His many sculptures, paintings and various architectural projects have given the city one of the most envied artistic collections in the world.

He became famous for leading a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic, Spartacus is well known character referenced in history books, stories and films from around the world.

The Seven Kings of Rome follow the ancient Roman monarchy from Romolo to Tarquinio the Superb. Learn the history of ancient Rome by getting to know the great Kings of Rome who helped build and cultivate this great city.