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About Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the most famous city in the world. It's located in the center of the Italian Peninsula and lies on the banks of the Tiber river within the Lazio region of Italy.


Rome is the most populated city in Italy and the most actractive for tourist of all around the world also because it is the center of the Christian religion. Its history, starting from the first king Romulus in 753 BC, is know everywhere especially for the Imperial Age that gave birth to great men such as Caesar and Augustus.


Today the city during the warmer season is full of tourists who flock to the ancient roman major attractions including the Colosseum, Roman ForumSant'Angelo castle and visit the main places of Christian worship like the four Patriarchal Basilicas St Peter's Basilica, the masterpiece of Michelangelo, Santa Maria Maggiore, St John in Lateran's Basilica and St Paul's Outside the Walls Basilica.


Rome is a city that offers so much in terms of culture with its museums, art galleries, events that continually take place in the city but is also appreciated by tourist for nightlife (night districts, wine bars, cultural events ecc.).


So what's left to say... start now to collect all the useful information to plan your trip around the city!


Don't miss the First of May celebrations in Rome when the city celebrates Labor Day with one of the most popular music festivals of the year!

Ancient Roman Mosaics: the technique, the colours and the history of the ancient art of mosaics in a short amount of time were everywhere in Rome and left a rich artistic legacy to the city.

Find out how and where the Romans lived in Ancient Rome, from elegant villas and to simple apartment type housing, to the beautiful country homes.

The history of ancient Rome and its origins: the legend of Romulus as the founder of the Eternal City. Here is your guide to visit the history and treasures of ancient Rome.

When being a fan means being a fan for life: this is a brief history of one of the most successful Italian Football Clubs and its incredible fan support.

The Rome Zoo is a great place to spend the day with the family and showing your children a fun way to learn about all kinds of animals!

Christmas is one of the best periods to visit Rome, in December Rome is colored by lights and decorations. Here you can find Christmas markets, concerts, ancient churches and great events!

Visiting Rome at Christmas time is a unique experience with its Christmas markets, shopping and many events, you can’t miss it!

The Trevi Fountain is without a doubt one of the most visited and well known monuments in Rome, not only for its beautiful architecture but also because of the superstitions connected with throwing coins into it!

The Dolce Vita, or Sweet life of Roman culture, looks at the city from '50s and '60s: the celebrity lifestyle, from Via Vittorio Veneto to Federico Fellini, a way to relive the old days in Rome.

Easter in Rome is a delightful time to spend your holiday, both as regards the religious moment is for those who want to visit the city in spring-like weather!

Visit the exhibitions in Rome is always a good alternative to occupy your free time in town. Check out the calendar events!

A complete guide to festivals and fairs that take place in Rome during the year. From January to December so many ways to spend your free time in the city!

The history and achievements of Francesco Totti, the Roman footboll player, a true icon of Italian football.

Getting married in Rome is a unique experience you shouldn’t miss! Dream locations for your special day that you’ll never forget!

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was one of the most important artists in Italy and in Rome. His many sculptures, paintings and various architectural projects have given the city one of the most envied artistic collections in the world.

Caio Giulio Cesare, one of the most important characters in history: from private life to his rise to power.

He became famous for leading a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic, Spartacus is well known character referenced in history books, stories and films from around the world.

The age of Imperial Rome and the great dynasties in history, from Octaviano Augustus to Commodus, a journey to discover the achievements of the great Roman Emperors

The history of the Risorgimento, from the Congress of Vienna to the Unification of Italy, through the companies of the great Italian patriots.

Below we provide you with a list of the most recognized schools in Rome to learn italian language.

Looking for medieval churches in Rome? Here we’ve put together a guide to see the antique mosaics, religious artwork and typical architecture found in medieval Roman churches around the city.

From Realism to Symbolism up to Expressionism, see some works by some of the great artists such as Cezanne, Monet, Gauguin and many others who lived between 800 and 900.

The New Years's Eve in Rome turns of sounds, music and exclusive parties! If you want to spend this magic night in Italy's capital you can choose from many alternatives.

There are so many ways to spend an evening in Rome. From aperitif until the early hours of morning, there are so many entertaining things to do in the evening in Rome!

If you happen to be on holiday in Rome do not miss the Audience of the Pope at the Vatican, the event which each week attracts thousands of faithful from all over the world.

Renaissance art in Rome: a guide to discover monuments, churches and palaces by great Renaissance artists.

Do not miss the beauty of Rome from the Tiber River, a tour to discover the treasures of the city from another point of view.

The Roman Carnival is an ancient traditional festival that has been passed down and still celebrated today. The celebration is well known for its history, the decorative masks and the various events that take place around the city.

Here you’ll find a selection of typical Roman dishes that you simply must try when you come to Rome on vacation!

The history of the Republic of Rome, from the Punic Wars to the firms of Spartacus, until the arrival of the great Emperor Augustus.

In Rome, there are a number of fun places to visit with your family. There are many ways to entertain your children in Rome from theatre performances to hands-on museums and parks!

The Seven Kings of Rome follow the ancient Roman monarchy from Romolo to Tarquinio the Superb. Learn the history of ancient Rome by getting to know the great Kings of Rome who helped build and cultivate this great city.

Rome is one of the best Italian cities for shopping! Many Roman streets are lined with shops and luxury boutiques where it’s easy to spend lots of time shopping and relaxing during your visit.

Summertime in Rome is one of the best times to visit, as the city is host to many events and fun activities. Whether you spend the afternoon touring the monuments in the centre, or lounging on the beaches along the coast; the city comes alive at night!

The Baroque style in Rome: discover churches, palaces and squares in the Baroque style. Guides and curiosities for all art lovers

Want to spend magic moments in the Eternal City? Here are the most romantic places in Rome to share with your partner at least once in your life!

The Rome Marathon is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the capital. Each year, thousands of Italian and foreign tourists come to the capital to attend this big event.

These are the ancient Roman Hills upon which the city was founded: filled with history, curiosity and historic buildings.

The " talking statues" in Rome refer to an ancient tradition, still alive today. Discover the ancient history of Italy's most famous statues.