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Welcome to Rome Travel Guides, the best source to plan your trip to the most beautiful Italian city, Rome. Welcome To Rome Travel Guides is created specifically for tourists to design their own itinerary based on their own interests, by offering a wide selection of alternative programs and plans selected according to the length of stay and/or interest type. Users will find a specially tailored and comprehensive itinerary filled with information based on their choices.

The web site was created with the dual aim of offering a complete guide to Rome and become the touchstone for tourist information about the city. Optimizing the wealth of information compiled about Rome and allowing users to insert and personalize content, Welcome To Rome presents itself as a meeting point for thousands of users to access and share their travel experiences in the Eternal City. This web site makes it possible to access mass amounts of information available to visitors from visitors, like previous experience or advice from the online “community”, to make building your own "itinerary" simple. The itineraries are classified according to the assessment of online users and are modified in a collaborative approach based on popular preference. The website is based on the census of a variety of POI (Places of Interest) and from these starting points you can begin to build your personalized itineraries. The POIs are divided into three categories (See, Entertainment and Utility) whose main purpose is to provide some basic information that can then be elaborated by readers. Master data therefore includes addresses, contact information, hours of operation, year of construction/opening, pictures, official websites and a description of the POI. On the web site users have the possibility to add to this information with photos, ratings (one to five), and/or advices, effectively interacting with the web site. The data input from the ‘community’ is subject to an approval ratings mechanism by other users, to rank preferences and make comments. This system guarantees you get the right information and checks accuracy and reliability to build content based on actual user ratings.-

POIs are linked to create real itineraries suggested by us whether you're in town one day, a weekend or a week. Users can choose between various types of tours, from the Ancient Rome to itineraries for kids, but also christian, shopping and outdoor tours and many other fun alternatives. The itineraries are subject to the "collaborative mechanism" and are classified according to the assessment of community users.

Welcome to Rome, in addition to itineraries and POI information, offers a variety of news, background information, search functions and advanced navigation abilities enabling users to simplify access to the information they need.

Welcome to Rome is an initiative of React Consulting, an italian company with extensive experience in the latest technologies and software development and tourism.

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