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Distance: 2 km Duration: 8 hours

Itinerary description

On this tour your children can spend the day in the park, exploring some fun musems and playing around in one of the biggest parks in Rome.
It is highly recommend to walk from one place to another since all the locations are in Villa Borghese.
Time Required:
It takes about  8 hours to visit all of the sites mentioned, depending on how much time you decide to stay in each place.
The route starts from the Flaminio Train Station, easily reached by subway at "Flaminio" (Line A).  From here take Via Giorgio Washington to enter the Park of Villa Borghese. Continue straight up this street and then turn right onto Viale Fiorello la Guardia. Here you'll find the Carlo Bilotti Museum, a roman museum filled with the work of several  great artists like Giorgio the Chirico. Now continue along Viale Pietro Canonica until you arrive at Siena's Square, a big square which today hosts competitions and concerts. You and your children can now stop by the famous and eco-friendly zoo Bioparco, filled with exotic animals, located inside Villa Borghese, There are also several bars and restaurants in the biopark complex perfect to take a break. The tour continues along Viale dell'Uccelleria where you can visit the Borghese Gallery. Continue onto Viale Museo Borghese until you reach Corso Italia. Cross the street and take Via Veneto, the winding roman street best known for its clubs, hotels and luxourius boutiques. In Via Veneto you can visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception. The tour ends here and to ge back to the startig point you can take the subway at the bottom of Via Veneto,  "Barberini" (Line A).