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2200 Visits
Distance: 4 km Duration: 8 hours

Itinerary description


From FlaminioTrain Station to the Crypta Balbi Museum, a walk through the ancient monuments and the famous squares of Via del Corso (Via Lata).

It is highly recommended to walk from one place to another since all the locations are in the city center.
Time Required:
It takes about 8 hours to visit all of the sites mentioned, depending on how much time you decide to spend in each site.


This itinerary starts from Flaminio Train Station or from the subway stop "Flaminio" (Line A). Once you exit the station, go to the People's Square, one of the most famous squares in Rome, where you can admire the big obelisk located in the middle of the square. From here take Via del Corso (ancient Via Lata) and continue down until you reach Colonna Square, where you can stop for a break at Colonna's Gallery. Continuing along Via del Corso, turn left onto Via delle Muratte. Go straight and you’ll arrive at the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Be patient if you want to take pictures at the fountain ... because it is always very crowded! Now go back in Via del Corso, and after a few meters, turn right onto Via del Seminario. At the end of this street you’ll get to Piazza della Rotonda where you can’t miss the Pantheon, one of the most important monuments of Rome. From here head over to Navona Square, which isn’t too far from the Pantheon. At this point, take Via della Rotonda and then Via di Torre Argentina until Largo di Torre Argentina. Continue straight and turn right onto Via dell'Arco dè Ginnasi until you reach Via Florida. Here you'll find the Crypta Balbi Museum containing artifacts from the Medieval Age. The ancient rome tour ends here, now we suggest you go back to Venice Square and take the bus.