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Roman Castles

Discover with us the historical sights and landscape of the Castelli Romani, routes between nature, art and gastronomy, for a really relaxing holiday!

The Roman Castles area (in italian Castelli Romani) is set of small towns of the Alban Hills, in the ancient territory of Latius Vetus. The territory of the Roman Castles can be divided into three main areas: the area Tuscolana (Colonna, Frascati, Grottaferrata, Monte Porzio Catone, Monte Compatri, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora), the area Appia Albana (Albano Laziale, Ariccia and Castel Gandolfo) and the area Lanuvina (Lanuvio, Genzano di Roma, Nemi).


The history of the Roman Castles began after the fall of the Roman Empire when families began to build fortifications and, in the Middle Ages, large castles. Many inhabitants of Rome, to escape from the difficulties that the city was experiencing, around the fourteenth century, decided to take refuge in the castles of the wealthy families of the Savelli, Annibaldi, Orsini and Colonna. These areas knew at once a great political and financial gain, even though towards the end of the eighteenth century, were affected by wars, including the historic Battle of Velletri and the harsh invasion of the French.


In 1870 the Roman Castles were annexed by the Kingdom of Italy and began a fruitful period of development through the extension of railway lines. This action contributed to the economy of the zone, which soon became one of the most visited tourist attractions of Lazio, and a residential area where many Roman families began to build their own homes for the holidays. After the interlude of World Wars, after which some areas such as Frascati, Albano and Marino were shaved almost to the ground, the Castelli Romani area is resumed after World War II.



Today, the Castelli Romani is one of the most popular residential area on the sorroundings of Rome, also by tourists who come here for art, culture, food and beautiful landscapes. In fact this destination you will be able to get away from the busy city and relax in the cottages in the woods, where you can taste the typical roman food and some of the best Italian wine labels. Especially during the weekend there are many Romans and tourists who come to the Castelli Romani to taste the typical specialties of the place, in restaurants and tourist farms. In summer, also thanks to the cooler and clean climate, there are many people who moved from Rome in these areas to relax from the heat and bustle of the city. Staying in Roman Castles you should visit the ancient villages and medieval ruins of great castles, such as the castles of Grottaferrata, perfectly preserved, the ancient villas of Frascati and the beautiful gardens of Castel Gandolfo. We also suggest the nature itineraries such as the the beautiful rivers of the Lake of Nemi and Lake Albano.

A visit to the heart of the Roman Castles, discovering the ancient city of Albano Laziale between beautiful churches, art, typical cuisine and historical artifacts.

Visit Ariccia, a tour through history and typical products, such as the famous "porchetta of Ariccia" to be enjoyed in an atmosphere rich in art and historic buildings.

Your guide to Castel Gandolfo, one of the most popular summer destinations of Lazio, including natural areas, sports and outdoor walks. Discover the history and monuments of the most famous sight of the Roman Castles area.

A guide to visit Frascati, the small city in the Roman Castles area famous for its ancient villas, good wine and historical and artistic heritage to be discovered!

Visit Genzano of Roma: from the Old Town to the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani. Discover the art, nature and wine of this truly beautiful location. Just a few steps from the shores of Lake of Nemi!

Driving to the town of Grottaferrata, one of the most elegant residential areas of the Roman Castles, known for the Abbey of St Mary, the great artistic production, good food and much more!

A tour through the alleys of the town of Nemi, a small village where art and nature coexist in perfect harmony, surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of Lake of Nemi.

Visit the medieval town of Rocca di Papa, a unique experience that will help you explore the history and traditions of the place, in the splendid frame of the Regional Park of Castelli Romani.

Among excursions in the green of the Alban Hills and walks in the historic center, Rocca Priora is waiting also for taste the typical local products during town festivals, which attract hundreds of visitors every month!