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Lake Vico

Come discover the clear waters of Lake Vico, immersed in the enchanting natural reserve located between the Fogliano Mount and the Venere Mount

Lake Vico is located at the center of the Cimini Mountains and is a protected natural area where you can find some interesting specimens of plants and animals, surrounded by the magic of the lake and of the beautiful archaeological sites on its slopes.


The lake, known as the horseshoe, is a popular destination in both summer and winter. Sunbathing by the lake, diving in crystal clear water, outdoor activities, excursions by canoe or take sailing lessons, these are just some of the activities proposed by Lake Vico.


The lake and the land
Lake Vico is a volcanic lake, it covers an area of 12 square kilometers and is one of the most important lakes of Lazio, known not to be too deep and ideal for a swim during the summer holidays. The Natural Reserve of Lake Vico includes many kinds of plants and animals who live together in perfect harmony. The area is characterized by wetlands, meadows, fields and great forests of chestnuts, beeches and oaks. The effluent of Lake Vico is the Rio Vicano, an artificial waterway created by the Etruscans through a tunnel carved into the stone, which runs about 100 meters below the lake level.



The woods
The territory that stretches around Lake Vico is covered by forests of large dimensions that are both near the shores of the lake and the mountains that surround it, particularly on Mount Fogliano and Mount Venere. The place most visited is undoubtedly the "Faggeta " on Mount Venere, where you can make interesting excursions through the Nature Trail. The trails also provide a path for the blind. In addition to the beech the woods of Lake Vico consist of oak, maple, hornbeam, flowering ash and chestnut trees.



The fauna
Among the animal species that inhabit the lake of Vico are many species of fish including pike, whitefish, tench, perch and eel. During the winter refuge in the lake of Vico coots, wild ducks of various species, diving ducks and several species of algae. In the open waters of the lake you can glimpse the herring gull and common gull.


Caprarola and the Palazzo Farnese
If you come on holiday in Lake of Vico we suggest you visit also the small village of Caprarola, a real architectural jewel projected  in large part by the architect Jacopo Barozzi. Walking through the "Via Dritta", the ancient road of Caprarola, you’ll reach the beautiful Palazzo Farnese, the great fortress designed by Sangallo. If you like art and architecture we suggest you visit the interior of the building where you can admire the Scala Regia, the Sala dei Fasti of Hercules, decorated by the Zuccari brothers, the Hall of the Council of Trent and the Hall Dawn Hall the Globe.


How to reach Lake Vico
By car:
From Rome: take the S.S. Cassia until km 41 and then continue along the Cassia Cimina to the junction for Cimina Caprarola.
From Viterbo: take the Cassia Ciminia until Passo del Cimino. Then continue for Caprarola or for San Martino

From A1: Exit at Orte and continue for Caprarola or for San Martino.