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Lake Turano

An outdoor trip to the Lake Turano, between the picturesque medieval villages of Castel di Tora and Colle di Tora.

The Lake Turano is a viable alternative for those who love nature and outdoor activities. Thanks to its resources the lake offers you the opportunity to play sports and activities, such as trekking,  along the shores of the lake in the area of ​​MonteNavegna. We expect a number of interesting itineraries in contact with nature in the Reserve of Lake Turano  including pads of Mount Filone and Mount Navegna. For those who love fishing the lake of Turano is undoubtedly one of the most fun area to fish and relax in the company of family and friends.

Around the lake of Turano you will also find many accommodation facilities ready to welcome you for a stay of taste and relax: restaurants to taste the specialties of the lake, cottages, bed and breakfasts and many other ideas to organize your weekend around Rome!


The lake and the land
The Lake Turano is located at the foot of Mount Navegna, a natural reserve of Lazio rich in vegetation, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and of the medieval villages that rise around it. The lake of Turano is about 530 meters above sea level and is a hydroelectric reservoir that was built on the river Turano with a dam built in 1939. The lake is connected to Lake Turano through a long tunnel of 9 km and along with this Cotilia feeds the hydroelectric power plant, the hydroelectric complex of Terni.


Animals and Vegetation
The lake of Turano and its surroundings are a nature reserve rich in vegetation and animal species. The territory is covered mostly by forests, especially in the area of ​​Mount Navegna, while on the animal species in the lake of Turano you can find eels, pike, perch, trout, tench, grayling, bream and crawfish.


Castel di Tora and Colle di Tora
Among the towns that arise around the Lake Turano there are two places that you can not miss! Castel di Tora is located on the north-eastern of Lake Turano and is a typical mediaeval village which takes its name, as Colle di Tora, from an ancient city of Sabina, Torah. Contention between the long-known Roman families of Orsini, Brancaleoni and Barberini, Castel di Tora remained for many centuries the capital of the municipality, which included also Colle di Tora, Tora and Mount Antuni and was part of the District of Rock and Sinibalda.


If you happen to visit the lake, we suggest you take a walk in these two charming villages, through narrow streets, artisan shops and the ruins of the castle that are reflected in the lake of Turano.


How to get:
By car: Take the Via Salaria and proceed to Poggio Moiano. From here follow the signs to Lake Turano